Hey there! I’m Polina, the founder of Fly Like Birds. I’m excited to share my travel experiences from around the world with you and provide tips for safe, adventurous, and budget-friendly exploration.

Join me as we discover new perspectives and embark on memorable adventures together!

  • Cancun: A Warm Escape from Europe’s Chill

    Cancun: A Warm Escape from Europe’s Chill

    My Cancun Getaway Cancun proved to be the perfect escape from the impending winter back home in Bulgaria. While winter lingered in Europe, Cancun greeted me with average temperatures of 27ยบ C, offering a welcome change. This impromptu trip fulfilled a long-standing desire to explore Latin America beyond the confines of a typical luxury vacation.…

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  • Exploring Mexico’s Culinary Delights: Tacos & Tortillas

    Exploring Mexico’s Culinary Delights: Tacos & Tortillas

    Tacos are like the local version of junk food, but a much healthier one. They’re a pretty popular Mexican dish, found everywhere, even on street corners. And they’re cheap too. You can get the cheapest tacos for about 7-10 pesos each, roughly 0.5 euro. So, what are they? Picture a round, fine corn tortilla topped…

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  • Bali: Customs and Religion

    Bali: Customs and Religion

    The people of Bali are known for their friendliness and warmth. Modest in their aspirations, they hold deep respect and a sense of duty towards their families. They don’t dream of emigrating or exploring new places; instead, they find contentment in what they have. Most have never left their hometowns, with only a few venturing…

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